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Winback Flow

The Winback Flow re-engages lapsed customers with personalized offers & product recommendations. It’s an effective strategy to reactivate and win back customers to increase customer retention & lifetime value

What’s A Winback Flow?

A Winback Flow is a series of emails for lapsed customers, which are customers who are at risk of being lost because they haven’t made a purchase in a while. Some of these customers may have simply forgotten about your brand, others may have not liked the product, and others may just not have browsed to find other products they like.

# Of Emails: 3

Flow Length: 3-5 days

How A Winback Flow Can Grow Your Business

To winback customers by getting them to make a next purchase which:

  1. Gets more customers to return to make additional purchases
  2. Gets customers to return for their next purchase faster (ie. the amount of time it takes for a first time customer to place their second order, or a repeat customer to place their next order)
  3. Gets customers to spend more over the lifetime with your brand (through increasing AOV, number of purchases, or upselling them into a subscription)
  4. Introduces customers to other products (ie. the number of different products a customer is purchasing)
  5. Reduce the number of customers you lose each year (ie. your customer churn)

Winback Flow Emails


Email #1: Offer Announcement

An email announcing the offer. It can be kept extremely simple and just focus on the offer which can include:

  1. Clear, bold header with the offer 
  2. Key Brand USPs - Satisfaction guarantee/warra
  3. Free shipping & returns 
  4. Social proof (eg. testimonials, X reviews) 
  5. Recommended products and/or collections

Email #2: Product Recommendations 

An email to remind customers of the offer, create urgency & recommend specific products or educating customers on how to decide what to purchase next which can include:

  1. An FAQ-style email to address specific objections on a product/category 
  2. Product catalog email to introduce other products they haven’t tried 
  3. Product education email with content to educate customers on products they haven’t tried 
  4. A social proof focused email showing testimonials or UGC
  5. Built in “quiz” style email to tell them what products they might like 
  6. Link to an on-site quiz

Email #3: Offer Last Chance

An email driving urgency with the announcement of an offer and/or through building credibility/trust which can include:

  1. Clear, bold header with the offer 
  2. Last chance banner/header copy 
  3. Key Brand USPs 
  4. Satisfaction guarantee/warranty
  5. Free shipping & returns 
  6. Social proof (eg. testimonials, X reviews)
  7. Recommended products and/or collections

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