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Cross-Sell Flow

The Cross-Sell Flow recommends additional products to customers based on their past purchases. By introducing & selling existing customers with complementary items, it increases the number of items per transaction and showcases your product range, leading to higher average order values and customer loyalty.

What’s A Cross-Sell Flow?

A Cross-Sell Flow is a series of emails to promote other products to existing customers or upsell them to higher priced products. It is an effective and important method for e-commerce stores to drive revenue and increase customer lifetime value.

# Of Emails: 3

Flow Length: 7-13 days

What’s the goal of a Cross-Sell Flow?

To get customers to purchase other products, from other product categories or upsell to different product types like a recurring subscription which:

  1. Increases your repeat purchase rate by getting more customers to return to make additional purchases
  2. Gets customers to return for their next purchase faster (ie. the amount of time it takes for a first time customer to place their second order, or a repeat customer to place their next order)
  3. Gets more customers onto a recurring subscription
  4. Gets customers to spend more over the lifetime with your brand (through increasing AOV, number of purchases, or upselling them into a subscription)
  5. Introducing customers to other products (ie. the number of different products a customer is purchasing)

Cross-Sell Flow Emails

The Cross-Sell Flow should focus strictly on increasing product adoption by getting them to purchase a product they haven’t tried before.


Email #1: Product Introduction

A product catalog (for high-SKU brands) or product spotlight email (for low-SKU brands) which can include:

  1. A roundup of products they haven’t tried
  2. A custom recommendation block to suggest other products they’ll like

Email #2: Product Education

A social proof (for high-SKU brands) or product education email (for low SKU brands) which can include:

  1. Showcasing testimonials or user-generated content on an individual product, a collection or your overall brand
  2. An FAQ-style email to address specific objections on a specific product
  3. A deep-dive into a specific product’s features, benefits, how its made, ingredients etc.

Email #3: Find Your Next Product

A guide to help them select the next best product for them which can include:

  1. A simple email driving them to an on-site quiz to find the best product for them
  2. A quiz-style or product catalog email that recommends specific products based on their preferences

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