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Welcome Flow

The Welcome Flow is a series of emails to greet new email subscribers. It builds trust & generates revenue by sharing your brand story, introducing them to your products & encouraging them to make their first purchase

What’s A Welcome Flow?

A Welcome Flow is the first point of contact between your brand and a new email subscriber subscriber. Once a website visitor opts-in to your email list through your website pop-up, the Welcome Flow introduces the lead to your brand & products.

# Of Emails: 5

Flow Length: 5-10 days

What’s the goal of a Welcome Flow?

To get non-purchasers to make their first purchase by introducing them to the brand & guiding them towards the product(s) they should purchase which:

  1. Converts more new email subscribers into paying customers (which means more revenue!)
  2. Gets potential customers to make their first purchase faster (ie. the amount of time it takes someone to go from being aware of the brand to becoming a customer)
  3. Gets more revenue out of each lead you drive to your website (which means lower CPAs & more value from your website traffic)
  4. Generates a higher average order value (AOV) for first-time customers by introducing them to more products that they may be interested in

Welcome Flow Emails


Email #1: Welcome

An email to welcome the subscriber to your brand & share the key reasons and products customers buy from you which can include:

  1. A letter from the founder about the brand mission, origin, or story
  2. Reminding them of their welcome discount from the website pop-up
  3. Sharing your brand values & what makes your products unique
  4. Showcasing your best selling products & collections


Email #2: Product Catalog/Spotlight 

An email to show customers the different types of products you sell to guide them through selecting their first purchase which can include:

  1. Top 3-5 product recommendations 
  2. Top 3-5 collection recommendations 
  3. Main benefits & features of the product(s)
  4. How to select the best product for them
  5. Directing them to an on-site quiz

Email #3: Social Proof

An email to establish credibility & trust in your products & brand which can include:

  1. User-generated content (UGC) of customers using your product  
  2. The # of 5-star reviews you have
  3. Written testimonials from customers about your product/brand 
  4. Before & after photos of a customer using your product
  5. Authority proof such as your product being features in magazines or used by influencers

Email #4: What Makes Us Different 

An email to educate customers on why they should buy from you & address objections which can include:

  1. “Us vs Them” content to compare your product against competitors or no-name versions
  2. How your product is formulated 
  3. The ingredients, fabric etc. that makes your product high quality
  4. Written testimonials from customers about your product/brand 
  5. Your brand value propositions

Email #5: Brand/Product Education 

An email to build a brand relationship, keep them engaged & share what makes your company unique which can include:

  1. The story behind why you created this brand & products 
  2. The people behind the brand
  3. Key features about your product that make it unique 
  4. Your brand values & philosophy
  5. 1-3 blog posts that give value to the customer

Emails in this sequence

💡 Expert Tip

"My top 3 tips for a welcome flow are to 1) cater the content to your customer journey. Where are your customers coming from? How are they getting onto your list? Consider this in your content. 

2) Provide value/education upfront and early. By setting the bar and offering something to your subscribers besides what your best-sellers are, you create trust and set expectations for what they can expect in their inbox. 

3) Set a reminder to update them quarterly. Whether that's changing the imagery/copy based on seasonality, determining winners of A/B tests, or updating with new product launches, my best piece of advice is to actively update your welcome flow and test new iterations to determine the best outcome. Don't set it and forget it! "

Joanne Coffey,

Retention Marketing Manager at Jones Road Beauty

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