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Post-Purchase Upsell Flow

The Post-Purchase Upsell Flow recommends complementary products to buyers immediately after their purchase. It maximizes revenue by suggesting additions that enhance their purchase, effectively increasing the average order value & increase repeat purchase rate.

What’s A Post-Purchase Upsell Flow?

# Of Emails: 3

Flow Length: 3-5 days

What’s the goal of a Post-Purchase Upsell Flow?

To get customers who just purchased to make their next purchase immediately which:

  1. Increases repeat purchase rate (ie. the % of customers who make a second purchase)
  2. Increases the average # of purchases per customer (ie. the average # of purchases a customer makes after their first purchase
  3. Increases LTV (ie. the average amount of money a customer spends on the brand)
  4. Reduces the time to next purchase (ie. the average # of days between purchases)

Post-Purchase Upsell Flow Emails


Email #1: Offer Announcement

A promotion announcement or plain-text email that there is a limited time offer & convey the urgency to make a purchase now:

  1. Recommendations of other complementary products to their purchase
  2. Thanking them for their purchase
  3. Satisfaction guarantee/warranty
  4. Free shipping & returns
  5. Social proof (eg. testimonials, X reviews)

Email #2: Product Recommendations

Reminding customers of the offer & recommending specific products or educating customers on how to decide what to purchase next which can include:

  1. An FAQ-style email to address specific objections on a product/category
  2. Product catalog email to introduce other products they haven’t tried
  3. Product education email with content to educate customers on products they haven’t tried
  4. A social proof focused email showing testimonials or UGC
  5. Education on how the products work together to be even more beneficial


Email #3: Last Chance Announcement

A simple announcement or plain-text email that the offer is ending tonight to provide urgency which can include:

  1. Key Brand USPs
  2. Satisfaction guarantee/warranty
  3. Free shipping & returns
  4. Social proof (eg. testimonials, X reviews)
  5. Other recommended products and/or collections

Emails in this sequence

💡 Expert Tip

Focus on product adoption before upselling. Be thoughtful of delivery timelines when implementing time delays to ensure you're communicating what you need to drive product use and adoption at the right times. Start upselling once you've given your customer a chance to use their first product ordered.

Elliot Kovac,

Founder of The Dispatch Agency

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